June 2015

Recent Flip

This is a recent flip that we purchased back in 2002 at $129,000 and put nothing down on the property. Our mortgage payment was $650.00 a month and we rented the house for $1250.00 a month. That is 144 months…

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10 First-time Homebuyer Mistakes

Living Room

Start the Countdown Owning a home has long been the quintessential symbol of achievement. Perhaps it has something to do with how owning property sometimes represents both the ultimate individual accomplishment and a person’s patriotic dedication to his or her…

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10 Hottest Green Design Materials

As the Earth gets warmer and energy gets more expensive, “high-efficiency,” in all its forms, is the grand designation of the 21st century. Cars, appliances and now entire homes have made the jump into the “green” realm, and eco-living doesn’t…

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