Sycamore Properties, Inc


timFounded in 2011, Sycamore Properties strives to give the highest level of personal attention.
After years of successful real estate investing, founder Tim Melton, left a large established firm to create Sycamore Properties. He saw a great need for personal guidance in the real estate investment field.
Sycamore specializes in asset protection, real estate acquisition, management and disposition. Whether you are a first time home buyer looking for $100 down or the seasoned investor looking for a diamond in the rough, Sycamore can guide you through to success.

Tim, along with Tom Huminik, another foreclose specialist, have been experts in the foreclosure market. They were buying and selling foreclosures long before it became the place that Wall Street invests their investment money.

Sycamore Properties also prides itself in property management. We have many rental units in the Charlotte, Waxhaw, Marvin and other surrounding area.

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