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Make $70,000 a Year On One House AIRBNB

Hey Tim Melton with Sycamore properties here in beautiful Charlotte North Carolina to show you our most recent completed project. A little bit about this home that you’re getting ready to walk through. We’ve owned this home almost 15 years now, we actually used to live here. But before we actually moved in and took occupancy of it, it was a rental house. We were renting it for $1,900 a month around $21,000 a year annual income.

During the time that we were building our personal home that we live in now. We lived here two years in this time then we turn around and renting it again. So it’s been fully occupied for the past 10 years.

Airbnb data suggests that this year alone will profit almost $70,000 rental dollars on the same property that we were making about $21,000 per year. So if you had ten Airbnbs that could generate you $70,000 annually, you see how you can sit at home with passive income paying for all of your bills. If you ever need any help with any investment or investment advice reach out to us at the numbers on the screen we’d be more than happy to set up a time and sit down and talk with you about.

Good Luck!