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6 Quick & Easy Kitchen Updates You Can Do This Weekend

It’s no secret that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Our kitchens are where we spend most of our time. Did you know that it is also one of the first rooms visited by prospective buyers or renters? Unfortunately, our kitchens are often neglected when it comes to renovating, since kitchen remodels are one of the most expensive home projects. Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars on a complete remodel, try some of these quick and easy projects to breathe new life into the heart of your home.

Here are six quick and easy kitchen updates you can do this weekend:


Modern kitchens can be summed up in one word: plain. From the clean lines of a subway tile backsplash, to pristine white cabinets and light-colored countertops, today’s kitchens are all about simplicity. Not all of us have the time or money for a complete kitchen overhaul, but we can all take a weekend to declutter countertops and simplify our space.

Quick Tip
Take a moment to remove anything on your countertops that you don’t use daily. Keeping countertops free of clutter will make your kitchen look bigger and cleaner.

Replace knobs and drawer pulls
One of the easiest ways to spruce up your cabinets is to replace old drawer pulls and cabinet knobs, which can be purchased at home improvement stores for as little as $3 each. If you have a lot of knobs to replace and not a lot to spend, consider spray painting your existing hardware. You can also wrap handles in twine (sealing the ends with a little hot glue) and decoupage drawer pulls with fancy paper or lace to give your cabinets a unique, DIY touch.

Update those tired cabinets
Unless your cabinets are literally falling off the wall, there’s no need to rip out and replace perfectly good wood or laminate cabinets. Painting cabinets may seem like a big, daunting job, but with a little drive and elbow grease, you can tackle this DIY project in one weekend. Quick cabinet renovation kits are available at hardware stores—no stripping or sanding necessary!

Install new light fixtures
Do you have old-fashioned globe fixtures or colorful hanging glass lights? Both can immediately date your kitchen! For a quick, modern style fix, update your light fixtures with clear glass and rustic metals. This is another area where spray paint can save the day; simply disassemble your existing fixtures and use a textured spray paint to cover the metal hardware. Voila! New lighting!

Paint your countertops
Replacing countertops can be costly and labor intensive. Consider purchasing a complete countertop renovation kit at your local home improvement store, like the faux-granite kits made by Rustoleum and Nelson. These easy-to-use kits can completely transform the look of your kitchen counters in just one weekend.

Add plants
After you’ve decluttered and made a few of the changes above, bring some plants in to your kitchen! Whether it’s a practical herb garden or a succulent terrarium on the window sill, or even nice pathos in a macramé hanger, a little greenery can go a long way.

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