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Outdoor Lighting Solutions for Summer


Wanting to try some new or different summer lights in your yard this summer? If so, read these fun and easy steps to enhance your outdoor lighting!

Begin your plan to re-light your outdoor space by first defining the area you want to light up! There are no limits, but we suggest using the backyard or a patio since that’s where outdoor summer events are often hosted. If using the front lawn is your choice, then this first solution is for you!

1. Light up the front.

Replace your typical front porch lights with a low light bulb. This will keep the flies away when you have front lawn parties, and it will set a relaxing and calm ambiance, compared to a bright white light. You can also change out the case that the bulb sits in. For example, if you have a lantern-style front porch light, change it to a metal housing or even paint it to the color of your choice that screams summer fun! Energy efficient solar lawn lamps lining your front sidewalk or pathway will brighten your walkway at night.

2. String Lights
These are best for the backyard or patio, super easy to install, and come in numerous shapes and sizes. Since they are temporary, these lights are easy to remove if you don’t like the placement of them.

Quick Tip
Do something different by stringing up lights that are shaped like little tin cans or stars. String lights give any outdoor space the feeling of summertime and fun!

3. Mason Jars
Glass or mason jars can be used as outdoor lighting for a unique look. Light a candle and set them on a table or even on the ground. If placing them on the ground, fill one quarter of the Mason jar with sand before inserting the candle, which will ensure they don’t tip or blow over. Mason jars can also be filled with tiny string lights to create freestanding lanterns! Consider painting the glass jars with any type of paint or design, including glow in the dark paint.

4. Torches
Tiki Torches are making a big comeback! They now come in many colors, shapes and materials, so you are not limited to the traditional Hawaiian looking torches with that scary face on them! They make wicker, glass and copper torches, which easily match any backyard or outdoor design. Torches can also function as bug and mosquito repellent as they now make torches with citronella and lemongrass in them. You’ll light up the yard while keeping the annoying bugs away!

5. Outdoor chandeliers

Chandeliers are no longer limited to your foyer or dining room. They are a fun way to make your outdoor space summertime ready. Chandeliers are inviting, fun, and are available in so many styles and colors that it should be relatively simple to find one that looks good in your outdoor space. They can easily be installed or screwed into cement or even hung under a pergola or patio. Use an outdoor chandelier that is weatherproof and also electric or solar powered to conserve energy. They make traditional looking chandeliers for outdoors in addition to rustic ones made from thick rope and glass or ceramic plates to fit almost any style! If you don’t want an outdoor chandelier hanging above your head, you can also place it level in the middle of a table outside to be used for lighting or a lovely centerpiece!

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