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Inspiration for staging your home

Five places to go for inspiration when you’re selling


When you’ve been trying to sell your house for a while, it’s difficult to look at the way you’re presenting it with any objectivity; you’re just too close to it. You can try asking family and friends, but chances are you’ll get several different opinions that may well just confuse you more!

I’ve compiled here a list of sources to inspire you when you’re considering how you can improve your home’s presentation to better appeal to a buyer:

Pinterest – If you haven’t yet come across this wonderful site, you’re in for a treat! A collection of ‘virtual pinboards’, it’s a public platform that allows users to ‘tag’ and ‘repin’ pictures they like. This means that if for example you type ‘modern family home’ in the search box, you’ll find everyone’s pinboards that match your search, and you can simply browse hundreds and even thousands of photographs, repinning any on your own board that you like the look of. A great site for ideas and lovely images of homes; just don’t get so distracted you forget what you’re supposed to be doing!

House to Home – this site is the home of the top seven homes and interiors magazines in the UK, including _25 Beautiful Homes and Homes and Gardens._ There are thousands of images of home interiors, searchable by room, colour and style of décor. A great place to go for inspiration.

Wayfair – this site’s strapline is ‘Design Ideas Daily’ and offers a wealth of contemporary home ideas. Click on the ‘shop the look’ tab for the best in modern presentation from the best homes all over the world.

HOUZZ – This site is amazing. Not only can you find insperation for staging your home but you can also find contractors in your area for re-modles on your home.

Unique Home Stays – as with the above, this site is for holidaymakers looking for an extra special place to stay, and their properties are simply beautiful. Their high standards can teach you how best to present your home, not only from a design point of view, but also in the inspiring lifestyle photography they use.

Enjoy these sites, and try not to get too distracted and forget about the task in hand!


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